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Our Services

Project Development

Based in Derbyshire in the heart of England, Amies has some of the country’s finest toolmakers on its doorstep.

Amies Plastics Design & Tooling

Design & Tooling

Design feasibility is established and communicated at an early stage, typically before obtaining tooling quotations.

Amies Plastics Production


Here at Amies Plastics we have the production ability to manufacture components in quantities ranging from small to large.

Amies Plastics Cleanroom


Our cleanroom components are developed to meet the most stringent requirements of the medical sector.


Amies have a wide variety of materials available for your project requirements.

Detectable Components

Detectable Components

Amies have a long established partnership with B.S. Teasdale & Son Limited based in Doncaster

Amies Plastics Secondary Operations

Secondary Operations

We have a wide range of finishing services which includes drilling, trimming, inserting, ultrasonic welding process, heat-sealed bagging and assembly.

IT Communications

We can assist you with the drawings if you run into any issues, so please contact us to discuss further.

Market Sectors

In recent years we have developed expertise in the manufacture of detectable components for the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

Amies Plastics Plant List

Plant List

W.E. Amies & Co Ltd have many machines which are updated periodically to keep up with technology.