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Detectable Components

We are proud of our long established partnership with B.S. Teasdale & Son Limited, the Doncaster-based manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of detectable products.

These are designed to help the food and pharmaceutical industries carry out their responsibilities under new EU hygiene legislation.

Amies has for some time been a key manufacturer of detectable plastic components. If a detectable component becomes entrained in food or pharmaceutical production equipment and is perhaps damaged or broken, even the smallest fragment can be readily detected by conventional metal detection equipment and dealt with.

Teasdale already use Amies-manufactured components in their Detectapen range of detectable pens which are used extensively in the food industry. Increasing numbers of food industry health and safety professionals cite detectable plastic as an important part of their safety management strategy going forward.

We are now working together with food and food equipment manufacturers to develop machinery component solutions in detectable plastic to help them make a robust and positive response to the new food hygiene legislation now in force.