Our extensive modern range of Arburg machines (15-200 tonne), which now includes our first all-electric press, maintains our renowned expertise in the production of small, precision toleranced components. We have recently commissioned a new 110 tonne Arburg 2 shot machine. This technology enables wider design solutions where multi-material components are being developed and gives our customers the design flexibility and improved market acceptance that being able to mould a component in either dissimilar materials or two colours offers.

informationInformation Management

Traceability of information is achieved through a computer-based network system. Our newly commissioned InTouch Production Monitoring System allows each press to be remotely monitored for performance and efficiency. All production parameters, past and present, can be instantly accessed. This, combined with a policy of saving ‘last-off’ samples from the end of each run and a production record which covers events, people and batches of materials used during all runs, makes for a complete system of traceability and comprehensive customer support.

Range of Services

With more and more buyers requiring a ‘One-Stop Shopping’ service, the company’s finishing department offers secondary operations, which can include assembly, ultrasonic welding, printing and insert work.

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