Who We Are

“W.E. Amies & Co. Limited has a long-standing reputation as a trade moulder  manufacturing small technical components.   The founder Bill Amies started the business in Sheffield in 1929 and since then the company has continued trading under the Amies name, building up over eighty years experience.

As developments in engineering polymers and manufacturing technology continue at an ever faster pace, there is an ongoing requirement to evaluate materials for cost, performance and availability.  Today plastic has become an alternative material to metals and is in many instances proving to be a superior choice in every way.

In order to specify modern plastics, the design engineer needs the confidence of dealing with a manufacturer that specialises in processing technical engineering polymers. At Amies, we have made the manufacture of precision plastic components, often for safety critical applications, our speciality. Liaison with the customer in partnership style, developing exactly the right product on time has become a hallmark of the business.

Today the company boasts a wide range of modern moulding machines and an experienced team able to give an expert and reliable service to customers from various sectors.

While the material and manufacturing technology resources which are central to our business have transformed the way we work, our core values remain firm. Quite simply, we offer our customers peace of mind and a long term relationship based on expert technical support, coupled with honest, courteous and open dealing.”

Meet the team

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